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      Hebei Airlines Co.,Ltd. Policy on Agent Debit Memo(ADM)

      2018-11-15 12:57:41


      Reissueand Revalidationpolicy of Hebei Airlines Co.,Ltd.

      in Offline BSP Markets

      1.     Scope of Application

      To better manage offline BSP markets where NS direct sales office is not available, we work out the reissue and revalidation ticketing policy for our credit agents effective on 1 st Nov, 2018.


      2.     Conditions Apply

      If there is a voluntary change in flight or date of travel of a ticket issued in the offline BSP market, a revalidation is not allowed. In those cases a ticket needs to be exchanged or re-issued in compliance with the conditions set by Hebei Airlines Co.,Ltd. as below:

      Hebei Airlines Co.,Ltd. Policy on Agent Debit Memo(ADM)

      Dear Travel Agent Partner,

      This document shall provide you with a transparent overview of the circumstances under which an ADM will be issued and explain the guidelines that NS applies to ensure the proper issuance of tickets, in compliance with tariffs, rules, general conditions of carriage and other instructions provided by NS, IATA and the GDS.

      Infractions made and/or not corrected will result in an Agency Debit Memo (ADM), as per IATA-Reso 850m.

      Please take a moment to review the booking and ticketing practices listed and explained below.


      We thank you for your support and cooperation and look forward to assisting you in case of any further questions!

      General Information regarding NS's ADM policy

       NS audits tickets validated on NS ticket stock.

      ADMs are issued for ticket-, PNR- and/or booking related transactions.

      If NS raises an ADM for non-compliance with fare rules, the general principle applied

      is to raise the fare to the next applicable fare. Any divergence from this principle and for non fare related ADMs (e.g. a fixed amount for changes to the ticket) is communicated to the agent in advance, e.g. through notes in the fare rules.

      NSissues ADMs via BSPlink.

      NS issues ADMs within 9 months after the last date of travel and makes all efforts to inssue them quickly and accurately.

      Any ADM relates to a specific transaction only, andmay not be used to group unrelated transactions together, however, more than one charge can be includedon one ADM if the reason for the charge is the same, anda detailed supporting list is provided with the ADM. 

      NS endeavors to provide as much information as possible on an ADM to ensure it is specific in its detail about the reason why a charge is made.

      A department or contact person with email-address will be stated on the ADM. 

      NS does not issue an ADM if the total amount is less than 2 USD. Exceptions for this rule are made in certain cases, e.g. for tax corrections or unauthorized provisions. In case of persistent errors, this minimum value shall not be applicable. 

      Types of ADMs issued by NS include, but are not limited to:

      Fare violations

       Incorrect fare application and combinability (e.g. routing or sales restrictions)

      Incorrect fare value (under collection)

      Minimum / maximum stay, advanced purchase rules

      Seasonality, flight applications

      Codeshare flights not allowed

      Stopovers, transfers and surcharges

      Incorrect RBD (booking class), on NS and on other Airlines

      Incorrect Fare Basis

      Open or waitlisted sectors (where reservation is required)

      The ticket don’t be issued correctly(e.g. for child ticket “CHD” is not followd with the passenger name)

      Commission violations 

      Incorrect application

      Over-collection of commission (standard & supplementary)

      Discounts (e.g. seamen fares)

       Recharge for the commission if the ticket don’t refund at the agency who issued the ticket.

      Any adjustment of additional commission caused by the change of the flight or carrier.

      Surcharges and Taxes

      Incorrect collection of taxes and surcharges

      Missing taxes/surcharges

      Wrongly altered taxes/surcharges

      Already used taxes refunded by mistake

      Booking violations in GDS

       Passive Bookings

       -The same GDS should be used for booking and ticketing-Single GDS policy
      -Unless confirmed, passive bookings are not allowed for the purpose of quoting fare and TFCs or any other reasons

       Fictitious/Speculative Bookings
      -Travel agents must not block seats in any circumstance

       -The customer’s name in the reservation must match the name as it appears on customer’s passport,visa or identification card .

      -Must not make any speculative bookings using fraudulent or fictitious names.

      -Information provided is incomplete and unreal(e.g. telephone number)

       Duplicate Bookings

      -Booking more than one reservation for the same passenger traveling on or about the same dates to the same destinations within a PNR is not allowed

      -Creating another PNR for a passenger when one already exists in a different CRS/GDS is not allowed

      -The creation of duplicate bookings across one or more PNRs is prohibited.

       Churning booking

      -Travel agents must issue a valid ticket or cancel the PNR by the applicable ticket time limit.

      -Cancelling or rebooking of the same itinerary in the same or different classes of service to avert ticketing time limit is not allowed.

      Multiple GDSs

      -Must use the same GDS to rectify the reservations

      -Adhere to single GDS policy for booking and ticketing

      -Travel agents are responsible for promptly working all queues to avoid omitting information such as ticketing time limit, inactive segments cancellation and so on.

      -Must remove Inactive segments(e.g.UC/UN/HX/NO/US) from GDS PNR at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of each flight segment.
      -Unwanted waitlist segments should be cancelled and removedat least 24 hours before flight departure.

      Training and Testing
      -Travel agents can create test or training PNRs only in the training mode but not with live inventory.

      Invalid Segments
      - Service class and fare should be confirmed before a booking

      -Double check the flight to satisfy customer request


      -Fake ticketing number is prohibited

      Refund violations

      Incorrect calculation of refund amount, taxes and fuel 

       Incorrect application of cancellation penalty (e.g. in case of no-show) 

      Incorrect calculation of refunds commission amount 

       Incorrect form of payment on refunds (versus sale)

       Duplicate refund

      Refund with no supporting document

      Refund for the ticket flew already

      Refund for ticket exceed effective time limit

      Fraud supporting document for involuntary refund

       Reissue/Exchange violations

       Reissue or exchange of ticket must be conducted at the agency who issued the ticket

       Missing revalidation fee

       Missing no-show charge

       Missing upgrade charge when upgrading to a higher class

       Missing rebooking fee (calculated per transaction)

      Missing fee in case of name change/correction 

       Revalidation fee / no-show fee is not refundable

       Other violations such as but not limited to:

       Inactive segments not be removed before refunds and voids

      Not cancel the booking and refund the ticket after check-in

       Invalid / no ticketing agreement

       Use of fake / manual ticket numbers

      Invalid or incomplete ticket designator data

       Accept credit card which unauthorized by NS

       Charge backs and unreported tickets

       Transactions that were not reported by the agent on time through BSP or ARC

       Use fraud certificate to issue special discount ticket(e.g. fraud certificate for student)

       Complaint of passenger due to the agency have not informed the passenger when flight schedule change

      Dispute procedure:  

      An agent can dispute an ADM issued by NS via BSPlink, within 15 days after issuance in accordance with IATA Reso 850m.

      NS will handle rejected or disputed ADMs in a timely manner. The dispute will be reviewed within 60 days of receiving it.

        If NS rejects the dispute, an explanation for the rejection will be sent to the agent via BSPlink .

        If it is established that an ADM is not valid ,NS will cancel the ADM.

        An ADM that has been included in the BSP billingwill be processed for payment. Any subsequent dispute ofsuch ADM, if it is upheld by the Airline, will be dealt withdirectly and where applicable may result in the issue of anAgency Credit Memo (ACM).



      Hebei Airlines Co.,Ltd.

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